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2018 FORT WORTH BOOK-FEST AUTHORS The Power In A Vision Driven Family

Family Vision = Generational Success

Dallas, Texas Monday, October 8, 2018 – In this book The Power In A Vision Driven Family: The Journey To A Generational Vision the authors share a detailed account of their parents Rev. Dr. James and Barbara Jean Lambert-Porter, Sr., family vision from the moment their dreams were conceived to when their family vision was successfully transferred to the next generation.

Phillip Porter says, “this book takes you on an inspiring journey that begins with the purchase of vacant land over 40 years ago in Colorado by our elders “generation one”. You will discover how it was transformed into an awesome “Big Audacious Family Vision” to create a family “home place” and resorts in various locations nationally; which multiple generations of family members are fulfilling today. Additionally, the book reveals a major secret detailing the merger of two unlikely African American families from different regions of the United States.”

Minister Marian E. Love says, “here is a book and workbook that gives practical, realistic and basic steps to solve the age-old problem many families have on how to lift themselves out of generational poverty.”

A surprise gift culminates this exciting book. The final chapter is designed for families to write their own family vision and mission statement to begin their personal family journey leaving a legacy for generations. The journey to establish or expand your family dream, vision and mission begins today.

The Power In A Vision Driven Family is scheduled to be unveiled to the Dallas – Fort Worth community on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the 2018 Fort Worth BookFest at TCC Trinity River Campus Downtown, Fort Worth. Also available for purchase on

To Order the Porter’s Books:, and Kindle

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