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8 Benefits of Becoming a Certified Wealth Manger

NEW Wealth Educator Certification

Families Learning Together Build Wealth

  1. Learn the 20 best family practices for managing family wealth that is incorporated into the Generations Empowerment Enterprises Family Legacy Capital Model, Ownership Wealth Capital Model, and Generational Wealth Capital Model.  These models include the 8 best family practices based on the research by JP Morgan Private Bank. 

    1. Ref 1: Amy Braden and Dennis Jaffe, The Eight Proactive Principles of Wealth Families (New York: JP Morgan, 2003), 80-92. 

    2. Ref 3: Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D., The Complete Family Office Handbook: A Guide For Affluent Families And The Advisors Who Serve Them, (Hoboken, New Jersey, Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014)

    3. Ref 2. Phillip S. Porter, MBA, Janice M. Porter, EdD, Vanessa N. Patterson, BA, and Vonzella L. Watson, MS, LMFT, The Power In A Vision Driven Family Book & Workbook" (Texas: Published by Generations Empowerment Enterprises, 2019).

  2. Learn financial and wealth literacy strategies

  3. Learn how to create and implement a family vision and the strategies for building wealth for your family and families in the community

  4. Start your own family financial education training and consulting business or add these educational services to your current business

  5. Learn from industry experts on the keys to building wealth

  6. Learn how to build a family championship team

  7. Become a member of the Global Family Success network comprised of like-minded family visionaries

  8. Get direct access to two experienced certified family wealth educators (Phillip S. Porter, MBA, and Dr. Janice M. Porter) to walk with on your journey to success

How to become a Certified Wealth Educator through Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC?

  • Willingness and effort to educate and enlighten your own family and other families and individuals on financial and wealth literacy principles and strategies

  • Take and pass the 7-part Wealth Educator Certification Series 

  • Subscribe to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau government website (recommended)

  • Experience in teaching and training adult and youth learners (preferred)

To become a CWE Trainer

  • Under the coaching of a CWE, co-teach the 7-part Wealth Educator Certification Course

Annual Continuing Education 

You can contact us at or email

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