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McKinney, Texas – Authors Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter are excited to announce that they have relocated from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota to the warm sunshine community of Dallas Fort Worth.They are the authors of six books that have inspired and educated families, singles and book-lovers throughout the United States for many years.Two of their most notable books are The Power In A Vision Driven Family and Journeys To I Do.Their book, The Power In A Vision Driven Family has become so popular that it has led to them creating and facilitating several multi-generational workshops in Minnesota and Mississippi. In the works and coming soon is a family vision conference in Mobile, AL in October 2018.

Phillip and Janice Porter recently relocated to Texas to begin living their family vision, which their extended family has been collectively working towards for many years. Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter said, “planning and now transitioning to the Dallas Fort Worth community to achieve our family’s dream has been an exciting family journey and the best is yet to come. They received tremendous support from family and friends which caused them to experience a smooth transition to Texas.” On their family vision journey, they are reminded of a quote by George Washing Carver which says, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope”. Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter look forward to their future in Texas with infinite hope and immense anticipation based on an all-encompassing written family vision and mission plan.

Additionally, Phillip and Dr. Janice Porter are co-founders of their family business Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC. Along with their family they are relocating their corporate headquarters from Eagan, Minnesota to McKinney, Texas. Moving their corporate headquarters to Texas has numerous benefits. The chief benefit is that it will allow their family business to carry out more effectively its vision which is “To close the racial wealth gap by educating family leaders to identify and fulfill their family's purpose, build wealth and empower generations.” To learn more about Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC visit their website at

Phillip and Janice would like to thank their family, friends and church family for all your support during this transition period.

To Order the Porter’s Books: https://www.globalfamilysuccess/, and Kindle

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