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Journeys To I Do!

True LOVE Stories that SURVIVED This & That of Life

Dallas, Texas Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - This romance novel is an enchanting read with entertaining stories of real-life romance. Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter said, “We wrote this book because we wanted our children and the next generations to see real life examples of successful marriages and to know that marriage still works. With this thought, "Journeys To I Do" was conceived.

In the book, Journeys To I Do, you will:

• Be emotionally drawn into stories that begin with a couple's first encounter and continues through their journey of friendship, courtship and ends at the moment they say, "I Do".

• Learn that a successful courtship and marriage recipe contains a gallon of status quo, a quart of challenges and sacrifices mixed with a tablespoon of special loving moments that will yield a great quality of life.

• Receive over 75 insightful marriage tips that have been tested over time from ordinary couples on what they did to maintain a long loving relationship and marriage.

Rev. Dr. Billy G. & Theresa Russell says, “this book is about how extraordinary couples managed to survive decades of marriage under tremendously challenging circumstances. When we were first introduced to some of the ideas presented, it was clear that the positive provoking thought was how this information can be shared, and how the impact of the shared stories can provoke new ideas and life changing qualities on our society’s view of marriage.”

Vonzella Watson a Christian Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist says, "This book will give hope and encouragement to all couples regardless of the current phase of your relationship".

Journeys To I Do is scheduled to be unveiled to the Dallas – Fort Worth community on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the 2018 Fort Worth BookFest at TCC Trinity River Campus Downtown, Fort Worth. Also available for purchase on

To Order the Porter’s Books:, and Kindle

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