Education Partners Program


Do you like to educate families and help them achieve their goals and dreams? Do you have a class you would like to put online to generate additional income?  Join The Global Family Success Institute - Family School of Wealth Team of  Education Partners Program. 

An Education Partner is an individual or organization that owns the rights to a curriculum (class) or presentation that will be placed on the Global Family Success Institute online school platform.  The Education Partner will receive a commission from people taking their class.

What are the benefits of becoming a GFSI Education Partner?

  • Generate Income 24/7/365 From Your Online Classes

  • Your Classes Listed with Industry Experts to Increase Class Traffic

  • Be on a Team with a Mission to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

  • Opportunity to be a GFSI Family School of Wealth Webinar Panelist which will increase your brand awareness


Who should join our team?

Real Estate Industry Professionals

Real estate ownership is key to building wealth

Heirs Property pexels-pixabay-259588.jpg

Health & Fitness Industry Professionals

Health is the best wealth


Business Owners

Business ownership is a key to building wealth

Business Building Prexel.jpg

Financial Services Industry Professionals

Financial (stock market) ownership, insurance, etc. are keys to building wealth


Financial & Wealth Literacy Industry Professionals

Knowledge is your edge to building generational wealth

Cash Money box.jpg

Food & Nutrionalist Industry Professionals

Health is the number one wealth


Pastors, Ministers & Faith Leaders

Spiritual Empowerment is a key to long-term purpose, passion, vision and wealth


How to become a Global Family Success Institute Education Partner?

Step 1

  • Willingness to educate and enlighten families and individuals on financial and wealth literacy principles and strategies, family success, and family health.

Step 2

Step 3

Meet with company founders Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter

Step 4

  • Pay Online Class Setup Investment $100.00 (Value $399.00) - (Note: The first three Education Partners will receive this discounted rate)

Step 5

  • Launch your online class

  • Ownership Commission: 60%


Note: Information is subject to change anytime without notice!