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Education Partners Program


Do you like to educate families and help them achieve their goals and dreams? Do you have a class you would like to put online to generate additional income?  Join The Global Family Success Institute - Family School of Wealth Team of  Education Partners Program. 

An Education Partner is an individual or organization that owns the rights to a curriculum (class) or presentation that will be placed on the Global Family Success Institute online school platform.  The Education Partner will receive a commission from people taking their class.

What are the benefits of becoming a GFSI Education Partner?

  • Generate Income 24/7/365 From Your Online Classes

  • Your Classes Listed with Industry Experts to Increase Class Traffic

  • Be on a Team with a Mission to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

  • Opportunity to be a GFSI Family School of Wealth Webinar Panelist which will increase your brand awareness

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Who should join our team?

Real Estate Industry Professionals

Real estate ownership is key to building wealth

Heirs Property pexels-pixabay-259588.jpg

Financial Services Industry Professionals

Financial (stock market) ownership, insurance, etc. are keys to building wealth


Health & Fitness Industry Professionals

Health is the best wealth


Financial & Wealth Literacy Industry Professionals

Knowledge is your edge to building generational wealth

Cash Money box.jpg

Business Owners

Business ownership is a key to building wealth

Business Building Prexel.jpg

Food & Nutrionalist Industry Professionals

Health is the number one wealth


Pastors, Ministers & Faith Leaders

Spiritual Empowerment is a key to long-term purpose, passion, vision and wealth


How to become a Global Family Success Institute Education Partner?

Step 1

  • Willingness to educate and enlighten families and individuals on financial and wealth literacy principles and strategies, family success, and family health.

Step 2

Step 3

Meet with company founders Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter

Step 4

  • Pay Online Class Setup Investment $100.00 (Value $399.00) - (Note: The first three Education Partners will receive this discounted rate)

Step 5

  • Launch your online class

  • Ownership Commission: 60%


Note: Information is subject to change anytime without notice!

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