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Do you want to learn the secrets of how to
professionally connect, increase trust, collaborate, and build
generational wealth in your family?

Global Family Success Institute is an eLearning education organization providing online family enterprise & wealth-building courses and family business coaching services.  Our online courses, onsite workshops, and coaching services prepare you and your family to successfully balance family traditions, relationships, business, and ownership needs to build generational wealth.

Global Family Success Institute is launching its online school giving your access to all our courses 100% online and available 24/7/365 from your computer and mobile device!
 Coming February 15, 2023!

GFSI Online Courses
Our Two Most Popular Classes
The 10 Best Practices of Success Families
The 10 Best Practic
es of Wealthy Families
* Coming February 15, 2023 *
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The Five Pillars of 
Financial Literacy Success

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Four Steps To Successful Partnerships & Collaborations

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Heirs Property Probate
Readiness Course

FREE Sample Lesson
FREE Sample Lesson
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Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter

Drs. Phillip & Janice Porter are available for speaking engagements, panelists, radio shows, podcast guests, and book signings.


As family educators and motivational speakers, Drs. Phillip & Janice Porter's quintessential vision-driven family lifestyle of their success story of leveling up family traditions, business ownership, increasing trust, professionally connecting, establishing collaborations, hard work, goal-oriented, and perseverance as well as an inspiring way to communicate, will educate and inspire any audience.

In addition, they are the authors of the book/workbook "The Power In A Vision Driven Family" plus six additional books.

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FREE 30-minute Consultation

We will take 30 minutes to share information regarding our workshops, webinars, and weekend retreats and answer any initial questions you may have.

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