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The 6-Steps Heirs Property Probate Readiness Program 

Heir Property Probate Readiness Online Course: This course is for anyone trying to resolve their own family’s heirs’ property challenges.  In addition, this course is for advocates and heirs' property coaches who want to know how they can support members of their local and national community who are facing heirs' property challenges. 

Disclaimer: Your state and attorney may require additional documents and information

The 6-Steps Heirs Property Probate Readiness Program

Step 1:
Take the Heirs Property Assessment - Contact GFSI at to request your FREE 

Step 2:
Take the Heirs Pr
operty Probate Readiness Online Course

Step 3:
 Upon Completion of the Course, Download the Heirs Property Plan & Report Template

Step 4:
Start on the Heirs Property Readiness Checklist

Step 5:
Complete your Heir's Property Probate Readiness Report

Step 6:
Meet with your attorney

To take your FREE Heir's Property Probate Readiness Assessment
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