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Announcement: Phillip S. Porter To Receive An Honorary Doctorate of Ministry From WCBCS!

West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS) has selected Adjunct Professor Phillip S. Porter to receive an honorary doctorate degree on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

West Coast Bible College & Seminary recognize the "family life success and family business ownership" work that Phillip S. Porter has contributed locally and nationally for over 30 years.

Some of Phillip Porter major accomplishments include:

  • Co-authored and published eight books with Dr. Janice Porter. The top seller “The Power In A Vision Driven Family Workbook” became extremely popular and propelled us to create and facilitate a series of multigenerational family success webinars and workshops nationwide.

  • Presented at the National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates Virtual National Conference on the topic “The 10 Best Practices of Successful Families” in 2020.

  • Presented at the 2019 Billionaire Conference: A Financial Platform For Wealth Creation at Augsburg College in Minneapolis on the topic “How To Create A Vision Driven Family Championship Team”.

In collaboration with Dr. Janice Porter, we created and published the following family focus faith-based curriculum:

  • Certification in Family Success: This course was approved and is now available on the West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS) website:

  • Strategies For Marriage & Relationship Success: This course was approved and will be available on WCBCS website soon.

  • The Five Pillars of Financial Literacy Success: The course was approved by ENOX Corporation and will be on their website this Fall.

  • Spiritual Gifts: Identify Your Spiritual Gift(s)

  • Successfully co-hosted with Dr. Janice Porter the podcast on Facebook LIVE “Conversations with Visionaries” for three years.

Contact Information:

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